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Unfortunately, accidents can strike when you least expect them, leaving you without a vehicle. You’re under a lot of stress and the last thing you need is a late tow truck. ​

Protecting Your Investment

Your vehicle is one of the largest financial investments you’ll make in a lifetime. For companies, dealerships, and fleet owners, a disabled vehicle means you lose time and money. At Ruggles Towing Service, we understand the necessity for speed when it comes to towing. You won’t have to wait around for our trucks to reach you. We’ll get your vehicle to a mechanic in no time. We’ll also provide large flatbed trucks in order to accommodate any of your specialty vehicles. For more information on our towing services, you can call us directly.

Towing Service LTD

  • Towing Recovery of Light and Heavy-Duty Vehicles
  • Transportation of Vehicles
  • Flatbed Service for Specialty Vehicles
  • Enclosed Vehicle Transportation Available
  • Unlocking of Doors​

Call us at (902) 434-3226

You can rely on our towing company to provide fast and hassle-free service, including:

Towing Service for All Manner of Vehicles in the Dartmouth Area

Ruggles Towing Service is there when you need us most. With our 24/7 towing, you can call us anytime, day or night. We’ll get to your destination quickly, helping you get your vehicle safely off of the road.